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Complete Rider YouTube Channel

This really is the fun part of what we do at Complete Rider. The chance to film and ride some of our favourite bikes makes all the hard work worth it. There’s heaps of time and effort that goes into the production of these videos and they will probably never turn a profit but who cares! We simply endeavour to make good quality content on interesting bikes.

We make what we want to see, no BS or ‘look at me’ rubbish, just great info and quality footage on awesome bikes. Not just the fastest machines but bikes with design style that make them unique and interesting; rolling art if you like from across all the motorcycle genres (although the fast ones are great too!)

The only issue that slows us down is access to cool bikes, so if you live in Melbourne, Australia or close by, get in touch and we may be able to feature your bike.

Please give us a watch and a subscribe and that way you will be helping us to give back to you.

Below is the latest upload and a few other interesting videos you may like, as well as that subscribe button!

Learn from the best

Learn the world’s best techniques in one place. Complete Rider Training has literally hundreds of tips and tricks learnt over decades working in the professional motorcycle training environment.

You can be assured everything is explained in an easy-to-understand format that works.