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Complete Rider Book

If you have read this far I bet you love motorcycles! You love the feeling of freedom and the raw connection between rider and machine that only a bike gives you; but you want to be a BETTER, SAFER, SMARTER rider. This book will help you. Why?

  • By better understanding a few basic dynamics of your bike and how your body reacts to certain situations, you will be a smoother, faster and better rider.
  • In understanding how we interact with other road users; you will have the
    ability to anticipate their actions and reduce the likelihood of being in a
    dangerous situation.
  • By simply tweaking a few techniques and using repetition to make these
    actions come naturally, you will have the power to become the best
    motorcyclist you can be.

This modern easy-to-follow book is straightforward and entertaining, embedded
with many ‘how-to’ videos to consolidate the learning process and finished with a number of drills that are proven to achieve your potential as a rider.

The most unique feature of this book is that it is produced in either ‘left hand drive’ or ‘right hand drive’ versions, to suit the riding conditions in your country.

What have you got to lose? Come and enjoy the ride with me!

Click here to read the first couple of chapters free to get a feel for the vibe of the book.

View sample - read the first chapters free!

Left Hand Drive Version

This Left Hand Drive version is specifically written for countries with Left Hand Drive vehicles like USA, Canada, Sth America, Europe and China.

Or countries where the steering wheel is on the left of the car when seated.

Click for Left Hand Drive Sample

Right Hand Drive Version

This Right Hand Drive version is specifically written for countries with Right Hand Drive vehicles like Australia, UK, New Zealand, India and Sth Africa.

Or countries where the steering wheel is on the right of the car when seated.

Click for Right Hand Drive Sample

Key Training Points

1/ The Real Enemy.

Complete Rider looks at rider training a bit differently to most. By looking at some of the physical and mental reactions that happen
within our body while riding helps us to understand what we need to do be a better, faster, safer rider.

2/ Obstacle Avoidance.

Discover how to change directions quicker, turn easier at any speed, avoid a danger then get back on the right track again. And no, I’m not going to teach you ‘push right to go right, push left to go left’!

3/ Posture.

We investigate the different posture options you can try to find your ‘Control Position’. This is the position that will allow you up your riding game. Yes, it can make that much difference!

4/ Braking.

We’ll take an in-depth look at the motorcycles braking dynamics and capabilities then present a braking technique that works with our natural reactions. One that is based on fact not BS. We also look at ABS systems and their benefits and discuss why this technique works with both ABS and non-ABS bikes.

5/ Corners.

Let the fun begin. Who doesn’t like to corner on a motorcycle? But don’t you wish you could be better, quicker, smoother? Complete Rider breaks down all the aspects of corners to help you piece together the perfect corner.

6/ Roadcraft.

The art of interacting with other vehicles on our crazy road systems has been a special focus of the Anonymous Rider for many years now. Understanding why drivers do what they do then by making a few small changes to your riding you will have the key to unlock incredible safety on a bike. You will see dangers well before they are even close to becoming a threat and it’s not that hard.

7/ Human Factors and Two Up.

These are a couple of interesting sections looking at some of the issues we the rider need to be aware of with our own readiness to ride or when we take the lives of others in our hands on our bike. Full of tips and tricks learnt over the years that will make our riding even more enjoyable.

8/ Riding Gear and Maintenance.

Here’s a couple of subjects that we all probably think we know a bit about already. Well so did the Anonymous Rider but some of the interesting facts that he learnt while researching these sections amazed him and he’s sure it will interest you as well.

9/ Drills.

As the Anonymous Rider says, “there’s no use blaming Jenny Craig for not losing weight if you feel hungry mid afternoon and head down to Macca’s for large Big Mac meal” If you really want to up your riding skills get out and practice the comprehensive list of drills, you will be amazed just how good you will feel.